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Young Professionals Board Application

Young Professionals Board

The mission of United Way is to improve the lives of our citizens by mobilizing the caring power of communities. The purpose of a Young Professionals Board is to support the United Way’s mission while encouraging the growth of young men and women and developing invested leaders for the United Way.

Why Join the United Way Young Professionals Board?

The United Way Young Professionals Board supports an organization doing critical work through fundraising for 14 different agencies throughout Cullman County. They will play an active role in educating the community, raising funds and continuing to develop partnerships between United Way and the agencies we serve. By joining us, you will develop your leadership skills and your potential to join the United Way Board of Directors in the future. You will learn more about the role of United Way in the Cullman County community as well as the needs that our funds service. Finally, you will meet a wonderful, passionate group of people and have FUN!

Responsibilities of United Way Young Professionals Board

Candidates for the Young Professionals Board would be any professional between the ages of 22-35. Applications will be submitted to the Board of Directors and we will then accept a minimum of 9 candidates and a maximum of 20. Members will be required to serve a one-year commitment of monthly board meetings as well as serve on one of the following committees: Special Events, Agency Relations, or Education. Young Professionals Board members will also volunteer at UW events as well as reach out to their social and professional networks to further the mission of the United Way.

How to apply to the UW Young Professionals Board:

  • Complete the application webform below. If you prefer to fill out a copy manually, you may email Becky Goff, to request the packet.
  • Along with your application, please submit a current résumé to

What will happen next: Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted to confirm or deny your acceptance. Young Professionals Board terms begin in April and last for one year, but the board may be elected to fill vacant terms as needed throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in joining the Young Professionals Board is encouraged to submit an application at any time.

Committee Breakout

Special Events

This committee will work directly with the Marketing & Communications Coordinator to assist with planning & execution of all fundraisers or special events. This could look like idea/planning meetings, set-up/tear down of events, etc.

Agency Relations

This committee would work to develop a volunteer base that could be used and contacted by our agencies. This group will also set up monthly service days with our agencies for board members and/or volunteers to attend. The goal of this group is to continue to rebuild our report with our agencies as well as our name with the community.


This committee would have the task of brainstorming ways to disseminate information to the public about United Way and its mission. They would submit ideas to the Marketing Coordinator and would potentially be asked to execute their plans as well.