Community Needs Assessment

Cullman County Community Needs Assessment 2022-23


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Per Capita Income in Cullman County: $24,770 (26.5% below national avg.)
(Alabama Per Capita Income: $28,934, National per Capita Income: $33,740)

Population with Bachelor’s Degree in Cullman County: 15.4% (22.5% below the national avg.)
(Alabama: 26.2%, National: 37.9%)

Uninsured Adults in Cullman County: 21% (7.6% above national avg.)
(Alabama: 18.1%, National: 13.4%)

High School Drop Out Rate in Cullman County: 18% (6% above the national avg.)
(Alabama: 13%, National: 12%)

Life Expectancy for Males in Cullman County: 72.4%
(Alabama: 72.9%, National: 76.6%)

Life Expectancy for Females in Cullman County: 78.3%
(Alabama: 71.3%, National: 81.5%)

Single Parent Households in Cullman County: 30% (5% above the national avg.)
(Alabama: 29.6%, National: 25%)

Population with High School Diploma in Cullman County: 82% (4% below national avg.)
(Alabama: 91.7%, National: 86%)

Adults with Frequent Mental Distress in Cullman County: 17.4% (3.8% above national avg.)
(Alabama: 15.8%, National: 13.2%)

Food Insecurity Rate: 15.1% (3.6% higher than national avg.)
(Alabama: 17%, National: 11.5%)

Senior Population in Cullman County (65+): 18.8% (2.8% above rational avg.)
(Alabama: 17.3%, National: 16%)

Population with Disabilities in Cullman County :14.2% (1.5% above national avg.)
(Alabama: 11.5%, National: 12.7%)

Children Population in Cullman County (18 & under): 22.5% (.4% above national avg.)
(Alabama: 22.2%, National: 22.1%)

Illiterate Citizens in Cullman County: 19% (2% lower than national avg.)
(Alabama: 15%, National: 21%)

Poverty Rate in Cullman County: 12.5% (2.5 % below national avg.)
(Alabama: 16.08%, National: 14.4%)

Obesity Rates in Cullman County: 34.4% (6.6% below national avg.)
(Alabama: 39%, National: 41%)

Students on Free/Reduced Lunches: 50% (18% below national avg.)
(Alabama: 55%, National: 68%)

Unwed Mother Birth Rate in Cullman County: 17% (23% below national avg.)
(Alabama: 40%, National: 40%)

Avg. Monthly Loan/Housing Cost in Cullman County: $1,050 per month (33% below national avg.)
(Alabama: $1,196, National: $1,499)

 Avg. cost of Rent in Cullman County: $798 per month (51% below national avg.)
(Alabama: $1,050 per month, National: $1,650 per month)

Minority Population in Cullman County: 4.3%
(Alabama: 32.5%, National 39.9%) 


United Way of Cullman County Community Wide Goals from Community Needs Assessment 



Ensure 15% of Overall Population is Fed Monthly
Ensure Vulnerable Populations including Seniors, Disabled, & Children that make up almost half the overall population are Fed
Ensure 50% of Children on Free or Reduced School Lunches have Access to Meals Outside School


Ensure 21% of Overall Population without Health Insurance has Access to Affordable & Necessary Coverage
Ensure Higher than Average Vulnerable Populations including Seniors, Disabled, and Children have access to quality care & services (approximately 49% of population include seniors, children, or disabled)
Work on decreasing obesity rate from 35% of the population, as obesity increases other health risks, including heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, liver disease, and shorter life span which are typical amongst the population in Cullman County.


Work to improve the high school dropout rate- from currently 18%- to ensure students have more career opportunities and success.
Work to increase the number in the community with bachelor’s degree- at currently 15% of population- to ensure long-term job growth, success with families, and better career trajectories & opportunities.  
Work to ensure students are ahead on day one of going to school as Kindergarteners with efforts to help 6 & under literacy, opportunities to learn, education programs, preschool training & resources, and other key areas to ensure Success by 6.
Work to decrease the overall illiteracy rate of the population- from 19%- to ensure better opportunity for entire community, including adult population.


Ensure 18% of Cullman County Residents with frequent mental health distress have critical resources to help meet their needs.
Help decrease percentage of overall arrests from drugs- from 25%- by rehabilitating drug, alcohol, and substance abusers.
Help decrease rising domestic violence numbers in the overall population.
Help support 17% of unwed mothers in Cullman County by ensuring they have support systems for mother and child, during pregnancy and after birth.