Citizen's Review Process

United Way's Citizen Review Process

This annual review of funding requests is open to Cullman County residents who want to help with the evaluation process.  United Way is community owned, and 100-percent of our funding decisions are made by community volunteers. This citizen review process ensures fiscal and program accountability for all agencies receiving United Way funds while meeting the vital social service needs of our community. We hold our agencies accountable, and we can tell donors where their money is being spent. It’s the cornerstone of United Way. Through this process, team members will work together to schedule a site visit and evaluate the agency and services provided.  Once teams complete their review process, leaders will work together to outline funding recommendations to present to United Way’s Board of Directors in February. 

Volunteers participating in the fund distribution process, will learn about local human service programs, community needs and how United Way contributions are meeting these needs. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to meet, work with and get to know other concerned community leaders, volunteers and service providers. Training for the Allocations process is held in January of each year.  Call United Way at 256-739-2948 or email to sign up to be part of the citizen review process and help decide where your donations go. It only takes a few hours of your time to make a big impact on our community.